For Your Engagement Session

You will want to wear something comfortable. Something you do not think you will "show anything off" if you bend over too far. Wear something that reflects who you are. If you do not normally wear heels, do not wear heels. It will show in the pictures if you are uncomfortable wearing shoes you are not used to walking in.

My personal style usually reflects very vibrant colors in the background, foreground, and well, all around! You won't need to wear hot pink, neon yellow, or other neon colors. The way the light hits these colors, it usually reflects back to your face and will show in the pictures. Try and avoid these colors if at all possible.


For Your Newborn Session

You will want to bring your baby in loose clothing, that way it will be easier to undress for those cute little wrapped or naked poses. I do usually home make outfits and props to be used in a newborn session myself. Sewing is a hobby of mine and I do not mind to make something new for your little one to use!

If you do lean toward bringing your own outfits, crochet or knitted items, boutique skirts, tutus, and pettiskirts follow my style. As you are having a newborn session, you will want to preserve how tiny your little one is, and you'll want to cherish their innocence for years to come. This is why I try to avoid having the baby look older than it is. For now, let their little rolls, precious faces and tiny fingers shine, and try and avoid jeans and button-up shirts, t-shirts, and other outfits of the sort. There will be plenty of time in their 6-month milestone pictures to have them sitting upright in all those "little man" outfits!

If you would like family pictures with your newborn, or the holding poses, bring a solid black shirt, a solid white shirt, and muted colors.
If you are looking for sibling-with-newborn pictures, please contact me ahead of time for outfit coordination.



For Your Child Session

Sessions for children are usually in some way themed. If there is no theme, or just a general session, bring some crazy printed outfit and a more plain, muted, one-tone outfit. We can change up backdrops and props to fit your needs! As always, you are welcome to bring multiple outfits even if they are not all used. I can help pick and choose which outfits will be most successful for the pictures we are doing. (P.S. I love rompers for little girls and suspenders for boys!)

For little girls, bows or hats really set off their outfit sometimes! Feel free to bring accessories!

For first birthday cake smash sessions, I love to see outfits with tutus, skirts, tshirts with names or age, topless with pearls (first birthday only), big bows, matching party hats, etc. If you are unable to have an outfit like this, a plain white onesie is just as cute! Please remember to bring an outfit to wear after the cake is over; just something comfy to wear home (the cake is always last).


Tip: You may want to also bring your child's favorite toy or something that will calm them in case they are nervous. Sometimes, seeing something familiar will be enough to keep them happy.


For Your Family Session

For outdoor family sessions I do tend to shy away from the typical jeans and a white t-shirt, as the sun creates a color cast and it is hard to distinguish the color of the white shirt, or it tends to be brighter than the family and will draw attention away from beautiful faces. I do not mind white shirts so much under studio lighting, which is under my direct control. While I do like color coordination, it doesn't have to mean everyone wears the same solid-colored shirt, but it also doesn't mean that everyone wears plaid with the same colors in it.
Send me a message to discuss wardobe! I have no problem helping you set a color scheme for your family pictures to get the best from them!

I lean toward having some family members wear a solid color while others wear printed outfits.
For example, for a family of 4, a father may wear a solid red shirt, a daughter a solid royal blue dress with a red belt, a son wear a plain blue t-shirt, and a mother wear a plaid red and royal blue dress for perhaps, a summer or Independence Day theme!


For Your Senior Session

These pictures are all about YOU! They are to make your personality shine in the best ways possible. (If you are outgoing, don't be shy to bring all your sequins, gaudy jewelry, fun colors and prints, etc.!)

You'll want to bring comfortable shoes/flat bottom boots to walk from location to location. Bring a pair you aren't necessarily in love with, since they may become dirty from all the things we will do!

Bring a pair of jeans. Always. We can switch tops in and out quickly for studio shots, and jeans will match anything!

Bring all your favorite accessories! I can help with matching things up. I love hats, jewelry, shoes, and any other accessories.

Bring things that will make you feel comfortable, and feel your best. You can always try different hairstyles for different sets, so feel free to bring bobby pins, hairbows, etc.




I look forward to seeing everyone in their picture attire!